Our Personal Regional UK Scanning Lists are compiled for you on the day they are ordered by at least three of our team members and sent to you via email as soon as they are ready. They take between 4 - 9 days to compile as each list is compiled uniquely for your area. All local users are covered and grouped by category. Your local PMR/PBR users on the ground will be covered such as taxis, security, council, shopwatch etc along with local and regional amateur repeaters, local marine users (if applicable) and local and regional civil and military airband users. Our Personalised Scanning Directories are 10 and payment in advance is required. You can by Paypal or Credit/Debit Card Below, please contact us if you would like to pay by another method.

Our Personalised Scanning Directories are based on your postcode, so please let us know if you want the directory for an area other than your PayPal or order address as this is the address we will use if not given an alternative. The frequencies are exclusively of the local surrounding area of your postcode and we retrieve these frequencies through a wide range of our verified sources including government, personal friends and contacts and our own records and logs. The frequencies will be completely up to date and very in depth, even brand new frequencies only allocated a day or two ago are available to us, everyone who uses this service have been very impressed with the results, our main directory covers an astounding amount of frequencies across the whole of the UK but you can't beat that personal touch that a concentrated list of frequencies from your area will contain. If you have any questions, then please feel free to email us or call us between 10.00am and 8.00pm on 07743 133632 (Normal UK Mobile rate) You can also text us your questions and we'll reply via text.

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Buy clicking Buy Now above you are purchasing a personalised scanning directory as detailed above. The Personal Directory does not include our main CD as featured on the main page. Your directory will be available within 2 - 10 days and sent to you via email and not by post as our main CD is sent. If you do not have PC access or would prefer a printed version sent to you rather than an email copy then please let us know. We have access to the latest allocated and available frequencies and our monitoring web stretches far and wide, we have a 100% satisfaction rate with our personal directories.



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